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Fangst Hjertemusling Limfjord cockles

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Limfjord Cockles in cold pressed rapeseed oil.
In the Danish inlet Limfjorden, the natural conditions are particularly good for ‘hjertemuslinger’ (cockles). Here they acquire a mild, light salty taste, and a firm meat structure. Most of them are shipped off to foreign kitchens but some we keep for ourselves. To preserve their delicate taste, we have added only cold pressed rapeseed oil to these FANGST cockles.

Species (Latin): Cerastoderma edule

Ingredients: Cockles (53%), cold pressed rapeseed oil*, salt.
Ingredienser: Hjertemuslinger (53%), koldpresset rapskimolie*, salt.

Nutritional values per 100g/Næringsværdi pr. 100g
Energy/energi: 852 kJ/205 kcal
Fat/fedt: 15g
of which saturated acids/heraf mættede fedtsyrer: 1g
Carbohydrates/Kulhydrater: 5,7g
of which sugars/heraf sukkerarter: 0g
Protein: 12g
Salt: 1,2g

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