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Troll Magic: Hidden Folk from the Mountains and Forests of Norway

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A collection of macabre and magical folklore from the “godfather” of the Norwegian troll

In this book, first published as Troldskab in 1892, Theodor Kittelsen spins tales of wonder around creatures rumored to haunt the fields, forests, and waterfalls of Norway. Striding, gamboling, and slithering across these pages are witches and gnomes and sea monsters, fiery dragons waking from their stiff-winged slumber, mermaids rising from the deep, and the sly, shapeshifting nøkk. But first and foremost are the trolls, hapless, horrible, or just plain silly, working their spells and making their mischief to the terror and delight of the presumably human reader.


Theodor Kittelsen

Translated by Tiina Nunnally

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