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Alrun Nordic Bracelets

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Origin: Iceland
Alrún Nordic Jewelry bindrune symbols are engraved on striking bracelets which features a stainless steel plate and clasp, and an adjustable rubber strap that can be shortened if desired.
Alrún's bindrune symbols continue a Nordic bindrune-making tradition more than a thousand years old. Bindrunes were used to cast magic spells, conceal secrets, and to create powerful personal amulets. They were also common in other aspects of everyday life and were a clever method of relaying messages. The ancient Norse believed that a bindrune could intensify the meaning of a personal message and invoke its power in their lives.

Love/Ást The Icelandic word Ást simply means love. We think this sentiment expresses the most heartfelt emotions – affection, devotion and passion.

Strength/Magn: The Icelandic word Magn can mean strength, magnitude or intensity. Face the challenges in your life with inner strength and resilience.

Energy/Okra: The Icelandic word Orka trans

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