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Fischersund FLÓD 30ml Eu de Parfum

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Fischersund's limited-edition fragrance created for the 2023 exhibition FLÓD.

A spatial scent, sound, and light sculpture by Jónsi. His main inspiration is the ocean, this ominous and mysterious force playing a central part in our lives. It’s basically about “the big wave,” a wave that takes us all and destroys everything in its path. The effects of climate change, such as sea level rise, flooding, and intensified natural disasters, are happening all around us, and this piece is a reflection of that dire reality. 

Key Elements: Icelandic Seaweed, Scorched Siberian Pine, Acrid Air, Geosmin, Ambroxan

‘The big wave

Nearly everything is underwater.

The weather is still but has been unpredictable so far, with briny tar and smoke trails flittering through the air. Chimney tops and statue heads break the surface, and few floating structures survive the watery destruction.

We all saw the warning signs but chose to scroll by in our little lives, and now, I guess, it’s too late.

Everything is silent except for ghostly voices, echoing ship horns, and the big wave breaking in the distance. Unsure if this is real—my imagination or past memories?

Dark clouds surround me but a ray of light breaks through.

Is it guiding me?’

Handmade in Iceland. 30 ml

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