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Jette Bang by Leise Johnsen

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Milik Publishing-Greenland

the book
In 1936 a young Danish woman travels to Greenland. As a newly educated photographer, her wish and ambition is to document the life of the inuit in Greenland, that is otherwise inaccessible to the outside world. Her name is Jette Bang. She is but 22 years old. Jette Bang breaks with the traditions of that time, by portraying inuit women and children in their daily lives. This gives the representation of Greenland a whole new perspective.
No matter the motive, the photographs has a feel of presence rarely seen. Her love and admiration of inuit life and the spectacular Greenlandic nature is expressed through the light, shapes and compositions. Elements which together elevates the photographs to art.
Leise Johnsen writes about the life and travels of Jette Bang and of her importance to the historic documentation of Greenland. 85 photographs have been selected by Leise Johnsen for this book. The book also contains a DVD with the film Inuit, which Jette

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