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Saltverk Icelandic Salts 90g Jar

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Each jar 3.17oz
Hand harvested sustainable sea salt from the Westfjords of Iceland.

Flaky Sea Salt: A crunchy, mineral fresh sea salt produced using only energy from geothermal hot springs in the northwest of Iceland.

Licorice Salt: This unique mix of raw licorice from Persian licorice roots and Icelandic crunchy flake salt together make something you have never tasted before. This combination of sweet and salty flavour is perfect on your morning porridge and not to mention chocolate !

Arctic Thyme Salt: Wild Icelandic arctic thyme is a plant that grows on gravel soils and in dry heath lands in Iceland. Ideal for curing meat and fits perfectly with lamb and other game meats.

Birch Smoked Salt: Handcrafted and artisanal salt smoked with Icelandic birch. The salt is dried over birch smoke according to an old tradition which gives it a characteristic and very strong smoky flavour unlike anything you have tried before.
-The birch smoked salt is perfect for seasoning your morning eggs or with steamed vegetables to provide the final touch for your taste buds.

Lava Salt: The black lava salt is an Icelandic geothermal flaky sea salt blended with activated charcoal. Great with meat, seafood and fruits.

Seaweed Salt: An ode to the Japanese Umami flavor! Adding some Seaweed salt to chicken, soups and fresh fish makes your dish even more delicious!

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