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Vikings: Legendary Warriors of Land & Sea

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Over one thousand years ago, kingdoms across Europe were changed forever as the Vikings sailed in. 

The Vikings were the original explorers with a legacy going back to 800 AD.  Popular culture thinks the 1600s was the Age of Discovery when Europe discovered the Americas.  Did you know some of the most exciting days of seafaring expansion took place close to a thousand years before that when a group of seafaring Scandinavians departed their homelands for the British Isles, seeking great power and prosperity at all costs?

For the next three centuries, the daring voyagers pillaged and plundered their way to a vast kingdom, and in the process, developed new trade routes, spreading everything from commerce to art to language from the Far East to the New World. The pages of this book will take you into the Norseman's universe - their daily lives and ritual deaths. We’ll explore the magical mythology of the Norse gods, go behind-the-scenes of the hit History series Vikings, and examine their lasting legacy on the today's world.    

Here, in these richly illustrated pages, is everything you need to know about the medieval warriors of the sea.

192 pages. Hardcover.
9 in H | 8 in W

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